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StackOverflow Documentation will be the best programming help

Wow, I have to say SO Documentation is really a proper move to put the discussion code example into a searchable documentation. This will beat Apple doc, MSDN, PHP doc, Java doc easily as usually after looking at the API… Continue Reading →

Rasperry Pi touch display is available for US$60

US$60 is quite cheap for a touch display + $35 for the Pi itself. So, I am thinking we can build an information kiosk, an on-table ordering system or anything under $150. I hope it will be responsive enough as… Continue Reading →

I know that building a game is hard but this online stock game is even harder

Kudo to Patrick about his blogging about all the details of how he made Stockfighter. Programmers should try it.

Can anyone logon to iTunes Connect developer account?

I can only see a grey bar after login. Anyone can login?

Doom on Rasperry Pi with 9800 lines of Assembly

That’s insane. The demo is here and the discussion is here.

Photoshop Design Space

I was impressed at the first time I heard about Photoshop Design Space. I thought It would be an online version of Photoshop for anyone to use, but it is not. You need to own Photoshop in order to use… Continue Reading →

Why did Borland fail?

I came across this topic from HN and Quora. This always make me amazed because they really had a solid line of products for software development life cycle management. It was even much better than both IBM and Microsoft combined… Continue Reading →

Welcome to my new blog

I just migrated everything to my Linode with nginx server. More contents are coming…

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